Dubai Global Co. ensures fuII coordination with client during pre-construction, construction and handing over phases. it’s to our keen interest to be at the highest IeveI of confidence in fulfilling client’s requirements in different types of projects.
Implementing Quality Management System (QMS) can help in improving the way operations are run, so to improve efficiency and profitability Furthermore, it can help in overcoming any unforeseen and obstacles. 

The purpose of applying the Quality Management Procedures by Dubai Co. is to identify the responsibilities and define the management approach to’ improve performance.

the Quality. Management System document addresses the requirement of management Responsibility in accordance with company internal organization, to ensure that the elements needed to achieve the continual improvement of the performance of the Company Quality Management System are in place and applied at all our projects.
QMS and QA-QC programs are applied on all projects during all phases.
Accordingly, the client can be assured that he’s in safe hands.